Enjoying our Little River with friends and neighbors

Delayed a week because of high water, the WWALS BIG Little River Paddle Event went great on a sunny Saturday morning. Many thanks to WWALS, FORBS, all the volunteers, and the sponsors!

Beyond not accidentally swimming this year, I also achieved my goal of finishing in less than an hour, plus taking some pictures along the way. It was a very enjoyable morning, including new and old friends from Lowndes County.

In addition to stewardship of our local resources, this kind of outdoor activity is also an economic opportunity in attracting knowledge-based businesses, and in keeping our graduates here. That’s why I helped encourage the Lowndes County Commission to establish a park and boat ramp on the Alapaha River, and I’m pleased to see that it seems likely to happen using SPLOST VII funds, for the enjoyment of Lowndes County citizens and those of all the surrounding counties who contribute to those SPLOST funds.

I won a prize Saturday for first female solo kayak. This would have been more difficult if there had been other competitors in that category. Lots of prizes went out, including to people from as far away as upstate New York (the event organizer’s father) and a couple from Germany. But most of the participants were from the counties right around here, including some new-found neighbors on Bemiss Road.

As you know, there are competitors in the special election May 20th for Lowndes County Commission District 5, and I ask for your support and your vote, so I can more effectively promote stewardship and opportunity.


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