Transparency at the Zoning Board of Appeals

Gretchen doesn’t just talk about transparency, she’s been implementing it for years, and she persuaded the appointed board she’s on to implement it.

Here’s Gretchen at work at Tuesday’s meeting of the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBOA). You can see ZBOA’s agendas and minutes online because Gretchen suggested that December 6th 2011 and ZBOA unanimously agreed to do it, with Valdosta City Planner Matt Martin arranging for the agendas and minutes to be on the City of Valdosta’s website.

Gretchen has suggested that Lowndes County put agendas and minutes of the Planning Commission online, too. So far, the county has taken no action on that. Maybe with some new Commissioners that will change. Vote for Gretchen Quarterman for County Commission District 5 and see.

Gretchen has also been videoing ZBOA meetings for years (and Lowndes County Commission meetings) and putting them on YouTube. Valdosta or Lowndes County could video ZBOA meetings (and their own meetings) and put them on the web so citizens who were working or otherwise couldn’t attend could see what their appointed and elected officials are doing.


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