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Gretchen at Lake Park City Council May 6th

Gretchen said a few words from behind the camera where she videoed the entire Lake Park City Council meeting of May 6th, including the Council’s decision to deny the Brookhaven apartment rezoning. Gretchen said,

I totally love the way you do here, and hear all your reports, and everything is very out in the open. Citizens can know what’s happening easily. Lowndes County can follow that example and be significantly more transparent and accessible. That’s sort of what I’m about: open transparent government, and being good stewards.

The Mayor mentioned he’d met Gretchen at the April 28th Public Hearing about the Brookhaven rezoning, which she also videoed. None of the other candidates for Lowndes County Commission District 5 attended that Public Hearing. They also weren’t at Continue reading

Lake Park citizens standing up for themselves –videos by Gretchen

Gretchen thinks that government transparency is important.

She has videoed all the official public meetings where citizens of Lake Park have opposed rezoning for an apartment complex, including the public hearing of April 28th. The attorneys for the developer tried, but they were up against much stronger opposition than they appeared to have expected. “A molehill to cover up an eyesore,” said one.

Even after an hour of neighbors more than adequately expressing their positions and responding to the developers, the highlight of the evening was Judge Wayne Ellerbee’s presentation for the opposition. The judge brought up many points relevant not just to this rezoning, but to any rezoning, such as water pollution and drainage is a big issue, local governments don’t actually get sued by developers unless there’s actual discrimination, and apartments are the most expensive land use, about which he said: Continue reading

Video: Gretchen on Chris Beckham radio show, April 29th

“People would have a lot more confidence in the government if they understood it and they could see it happen,” said Gretchen Quarterman yesterday morning on drive-time radio. She used Monday night’s Brookhaven apartment building rezoning public hearing in Lake Park to illustrate: local landowners have property rights and there was a lack of communication between the developers of a proposed apartment building, the Lake Park city government, and the neighbors.

She also talked about jobs, including in local agriculture. For example, she ran the 2014 South Georgia Growing Local Conference. Money spent on local agriculture supports the local economy, not companies far away.

She talked about stewardship of resources, including preserving local property and environment from the Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline. She advocated Continue reading