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I pledge to vote tomorrow, Tuesday May 20th

Just a reminder — The election that I am in will be decided tomorrow May 20th. It is not a primary. It is a special election. Please vote tomorrow at your local precinct.

Thank you to those who have early voted.


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Find your polling place for Election Day Tuesday

Where can you vote on Tuesday May 20th, which is Election Day for the Special Election for Lowndes County Commission District 5? You can find your polling place in My Voter Page by the Georgia Secretary of State. Or you can zoom and pan on the VALOR GIS Election Boundary Map.

Remember, it’s not November: Tuesday May 20th is the election for this Special Election, unless there’s a runoff. Please vote for Gretchen Tuesday. If enough supporters turn out and vote, she can win outright Tuesday.

600x546 Precinct Boundaries, in Precincts, by John S. Quarterman, for GretchenforLowndes.com, 18 May 2014

PS: And remember to vote for the Lowndes County Board of Education, for the elections for judges, and for the primaries for the Georgia statehouse and U.S. Congress.

Time to vote for Gretchen

Only 4% of registered voters have voted so far. If all of Gretchen’s supporters get out and vote, she will win on May 20th. Call your friends; remind them District 5 is a Special Election that will be decided Tuesday May 20th. Contact Gretchen; she’ll get you a call list or a walklist. Local elections affect you directly: water, sewer, trash, roads, taxes, jobs, and ordinances. It’s time to get people out and vote!

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Lake Park citizens standing up for themselves –videos by Gretchen

Gretchen thinks that government transparency is important.

She has videoed all the official public meetings where citizens of Lake Park have opposed rezoning for an apartment complex, including the public hearing of April 28th. The attorneys for the developer tried, but they were up against much stronger opposition than they appeared to have expected. “A molehill to cover up an eyesore,” said one.

Even after an hour of neighbors more than adequately expressing their positions and responding to the developers, the highlight of the evening was Judge Wayne Ellerbee’s presentation for the opposition. The judge brought up many points relevant not just to this rezoning, but to any rezoning, such as water pollution and drainage is a big issue, local governments don’t actually get sued by developers unless there’s actual discrimination, and apartments are the most expensive land use, about which he said: Continue reading

Video: Gretchen on Chris Beckham radio show, April 29th

“People would have a lot more confidence in the government if they understood it and they could see it happen,” said Gretchen Quarterman yesterday morning on drive-time radio. She used Monday night’s Brookhaven apartment building rezoning public hearing in Lake Park to illustrate: local landowners have property rights and there was a lack of communication between the developers of a proposed apartment building, the Lake Park city government, and the neighbors.

She also talked about jobs, including in local agriculture. For example, she ran the 2014 South Georgia Growing Local Conference. Money spent on local agriculture supports the local economy, not companies far away.

She talked about stewardship of resources, including preserving local property and environment from the Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline. She advocated Continue reading

Lake Park Meet and Greet – April 10

Some friends in Lake Park are hosting a meet and greet for me on Thursday April 10th. I’m interested in hearing from people in Lake Park about what they like and dislike about our county government. I want to know your concerns and priorities.

If you are able, please come to the Lake Park Civic Center (123 North Essa Street) on Thursday evening between 6-8 PM so that I can hear from you.


Listening to all views is important

Many views were expressed by the citizens who went to the Planning Commission Monday and to the Lake Park City Council Tuesday. Both the appointed Greater Lowndes Planning Commission and the elected Lake Park City Council patiently listened to many of them.

In Lake Park, they even listened twice, since Lake Park has Citizens’ Concerns on its agenda twice: both before and after the Council discusses the main items. Plus Continue reading

Great time at Lake Park Rodeo

Even in the rain Friday, lots of people came to the Lake Park Rodeo, and Saturday night was completely full. Congratulations to Raisin Cane, the Lake Park Chamber of Commerce, and Executive Director Kathy Walker for community, outdoor fun, and economic opportunity for Lake Park and Lowndes County!

I helped as a ticket taker, along with my sister Kristin and others.

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Gretchen Quarterman will be a voice for Lowndes County Commission District 5


Hahira, 12 March 2014 — Gretchen Quarterman has qualifed for Lowndes County Commission District 5, for opportunity, stewardship, and transparency.

“Standing up for property rights includes opposing an unnecessary pipeline and being smart about development,” said Quarterman. “No private company should be able to come in here and take people’s land for no local benefit. Our community has a foundation in agriculture and we need farmers and farmland just as we need roads and subdivisions. Stewardship is an important part of economic development.”

Quarterman says local government needs to remember its purpose is to provide services for its people, unlike a business, which is for profit. “I will never suggest charging for a library card,” she said.

That includes services for businesses. “Why should getting a license only be possible during the week? There’s a lot of things that we could use technology for to make our business processes much more streamlined for our business owners.”

And she added, “We won’t attract businesses to locate in our community when the county is in the process of suing a local business.”

Gretchen has been listening to citizens around the county express their frustrations about local government responsiveness Continue reading