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All play by the same rules

The rules should be applied fairly to everyone, and permitting can be made easier, Gretchen said at the Home Builders Forum of October 18th, 2012. These issues are just as relevant now.

Streamline permit processes

As I’ve been going around the county and talking to different people, I have talked to a variety of business owners. And a business owner asked me the other day about the business license process. And it was clear to me that when he described getting a business license in Hahira, and in the county, and in Valdosta, that there were some real streamlines that we could make to make that process easier for businesses. That he could only get a business license during the week, that they all expire on different times: there’s a lot of things that we could use technology for to make our business processes much more streamlined for our business owners.

Fair shot

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