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Time to vote for Gretchen

Only 4% of registered voters have voted so far. If all of Gretchen’s supporters get out and vote, she will win on May 20th. Call your friends; remind them District 5 is a Special Election that will be decided Tuesday May 20th. Contact Gretchen; she’ll get you a call list or a walklist. Local elections affect you directly: water, sewer, trash, roads, taxes, jobs, and ordinances. It’s time to get people out and vote!

Today and tomorrow early voting continues at the Board of Elections, 2808 North Oak Street, Valdosta. Election Day is Tuesday May 20th at Continue reading

More issues from constituents

Gretchen has added three new items to the issues page per suggestion from constituents:


The county government should work effectively and openly with all city governments.


The county government should be a good steward of tax payer funded resources.


The county government should welcome and provide opportunities for citizen input.

What issues do you want Gretchen to consider?